We care about the way things are made.

As soon as we got involved in the fashion world, we couldn’t ignore the inhuman treatment of workers & the absurd amounts of waste that the fast fashion business model has created so from the start, it was clear for us that we didn’t want to be part of that ‘modus operandi’.

We aim, from design all the way to production, to offer an alternative to that, proudly supporting slow & thoughtful fashion, having people & ethical practices across all supply chains as our priorities.

We believe that there are better ways of making things.


Producing a piece of garment can create a human cycle of goodness. If each person that touches the product from the beginning to the end is supported and strengthened in return, gaining skills, opportunities & living wages; producing and buying that garment is contributing to the revitalisation of their lives and their communities.

We are constantly making conscious decisions in pursuit of creating meaningful change, always seeking to maintain interpersonal relationships and treat people and the planet with respect.

All of our garments are designed and entirely made in London in small production runs.

We work only with highly-skilled local manufacturers to be able to witness every step of the process closely. The proximity helps establishing great working relationships that are essential to getting a product right and making sure ethical practices are in place & followed.

We value the individuals who bring our garments to life; they are the most important part of our brand.

From our creative designers, production teams, talented makers who take part in the manufacturing process to the workers that fulfil our orders, we're committed to supporting each and everyone of them not only ensuring safe working conditions, fair wages and that every person taking part in the process is treated respectfully, but also letting a garment take the time it needs to be produced and paying the true cost of its creation.

Our purpose is to produce high-quality items that you’ll feel proud to wear.


We want to give you peace-of-mind about what you’re wearing and where it came from, knowing that when you are buying from us you are taking a stand for hard-working people and their communities while contributing to sustainable, productive, life-giving businesses that empower. 


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