Essential Items was created in pursuit of a simplified modern wardrobe, following a minimalistic philosophy, centred on durability, functionality & adaptability. Our items are not restricted by fashion trends; we fundamentally seek to strengthen the value of garments by creating long-lasting and versatile essentials, made ethically from high-quality materials.

Our products are seasonless & refined highly-functional items.

They can stay useful in your wardrobe for years to come, transcending seasonal trends and they are stocked all year round.

Our production starts and ends in London.

As proud supporters of slow and thoughtful fashion, we love that everything happens close to home to be able to witness every step of the process closely, making sure that ethical production practices are followed and that all of our ideas come to life exactly the way we want them to be.

We are 100% committed to local manufacturing.
As a nation, Britain has had a long and successful history of creating some of the highest quality products in the world. Our skill set in the UK is first-class. Unfortunately, due to the desire for fast and inexpensive disposable fashion, official figures show that more than 90% of our clothing is now being manufactured overseas. For us, we would not make it anywhere else, our products are made exclusively in London, using only locally-sourced materials.


We struggled for a long time trying to find similar products made locally so we decided to make it our own venture and start ESSENTIAL ITEMS. Our joint vision as a couple was to create essential building blocks for the wardrobe with clean designs, quality fabrics and responsibly made near home. The thrill of these ideas quickly pushed us into the beginning of a challenging, serious project of our own. The process wasn't easy but we made it through and we are very proud of our journey and the brand we have founded.


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